There’s a new logging blockade on the Sunshine Coast.

Members of the groups Elphinstone Logging Focus are preventing crews from working in an area north of Sechelt’s Dusty Road landfill.

ELF claims they’ve started road building and logging on private land within the Champan Creek Watershed.

The property was once owned by the developer CNI, and after a public outcry and pressure from the Sunshine Coast Regional District in 2007 they agreed not to log it. Following CNI’s bankruptcy the land has new owners.

Hans Penner speaks for ELF. He says the SCRD is now aware of what’s happening and he hopes they do something.

Sechelt Nation elder Barb Higgins has taken part in several logging blockades in recent years.

The former CNI lands cover a huge area from Roberts Creek to Sechelt. Much of it was clear cut in preparation for a housing development and golf course the never went ahead.