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BC Hydro applies for more rate options for customers

BC Hydro hopes to expand their rate options for customers in an application to the BC Utilities Commission.

In a release, Hydro says an application has been filed to the commission, proposing the expansion of rate options for customers. The goal of these options is to help residents choose how to pay for electricity while saving on energy bills.

Hydro also proposes to make rate options for those living in non-integrated areas not connected to their electricity grid.

They say they have applied to offer an optional flat rate for customers, which could save up to $60 per year for those who can benefit from it.

“The current residential rate structure offers two-tier pricing with a discounted energy charge for an initial amount of energy consumed and a higher energy charge for consumption over a certain threshold,” said Hydro.

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“Offering an optional flat rate (in between the current Step 1 and Step 2 rates) can provide customers with a single charge as their electricity use increases by switching to clean electricity alternatives.”

Along with the rate options, Hydro adds they have applied for higher non-integrated rates to be cut, which could save customers in those areas $60 a year if approved.

Other proposals include lowering the basic charge for multi-unit residential buildings that get service through one account, saving $62 each year for every unit.

The proposals will be reviewed by the commission through a public process, with a decision expected next year.

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