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City of Nanaimo changes bylaws to adapt to provincial legislation 

To comply with new legislation around small-scale housing, the City of Nanaimo says it has amended the bylaws to adapt to the changes. 

The city adopted the changes to the bylaw during a meeting on Jun. 17 which now allow for more housing, as well as different types of housing in single-family neighbourhoods and near bus stop exchanges. 

Although the city says some properties are exempt from changes to the city’s bylaw around small-scale multi-housing, but it will focus on pre-zoning most single-family residential dwellings, as well as duplex-zoned properties to allow three or four dwelling units. 

Also, the city has adopted a new bylaw to make sure they operate within the province’s legislation that will identify three bus exchanges that are subject to new regulations around Woodgrove, Country Club, and Vancouver Island University.  

The bylaw says lands within a 400-metre radius of each bus exchange are subject to new minimum densities and building heights. 

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The city says these are the first steps towards implementing the provincial plan and a review of the city’s plan and zoning bylaws is expected to be completed by 2025. 

Mayor Leonard Krog says change is inevitable and the city is adapting to make sure it can meet the demands of the future. 

“While these changes result in relatively major shifts in historic land use rights we expect that in most parts of the community the changes will be incremental over time,” he says. 

For more information on small-scale housing visit the city’s website. 

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