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Snowpack at lakes in Sunshine Coast melted, forecasting a hot summer

Residents of the Sunshine Coast should prepare for a hot and dry summer. 

The snowpack at Chapman and Edwards Lake has melted, and a stage two watering conservation is expected to follow in the coming weeks. 

General Manager of Infrastructure Services Remko Rosenboom said this is among the earliest time the snowpack has melted since surveying both lakes began. 

“The melting of the snowpack in early spring plays a huge role in the recharge of our water systems. Therefore, DCRD staff are doing all they can to prepare for the adverse effects of predicted warm and dry weather on our community.” 

Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) staff travelled to the lakes on May 29 to survey the snowpack, only to find it had completely melted. 

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The snowpack was still present at this time last year at both lakes and was yet to be melted at the end of June two years ago. 

The restrictions may come into effect as early as mid-June, but if residents can be smart with their water conservation, it may be pushed back further. 

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