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VIU opens new centre to help victims of trauma and mental health 

Vancouver Island University says a new research centre will serve to provide support for people affected by trauma and to increase brain health. 

According to VIU one in five Canadians will experience a mental health or illness problem at some point in their lives, and the Centre for Trauma and Mental Health Research (CTMHR) will help prevent, detect and treat the different symptoms. 

Director Dr. Sandy Shultz says there are many unknown forms of mental and traumatic illnesses in the region and addressing them will help improve the quality of health for all. 

“Trauma and related mental health problems affect people from all walks of life and can have devastating consequences,” Shultz says. “These are issues that are particularly prevalent in our region. 

“Because many of these conditions are resistant to current treatment methods, it’s critical to develop new interventions as well as preventative strategies.” 

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The new centre will have state of the art research facilities and associate vice-president of research and graduate studies, Dr. Nicole Vaugeois the new facility will help students expand their knowledge and work collaboratively with other partners. 

“This new research centre will enable VIU faculty pursuing cutting-edge research related to trauma and mental health to collaborate with one another, and external partners to address pressing issues in society,” Vaugeois says.  

Part of the centre’s infrastructure and equipment is funded through Canada Foundation for Innovation grants awarded to Shultz and a grant from the US Department of Defense in partnership with the University of BC. 

According to VIU the economic cost associated with mental illness health care and social support systems, in 2021, was projected at $80 billion. 

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