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SCRD considers campfire prohibition

 Fire departments on the Sunshine Coast say they’re continuing to evaluate the weather forecast to determine if further restrictions are needed.  

On Monday, the BC Wildfire Service announced they will implement a ban on category two and three open fires on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast to lower the risk of wildfires to protect public safety.  

The Sunshine Coast Regional District says although the BC Wildfire Service is getting ready to put these restrictions into place, they’re still weeks away from considering a category one prohibition.  

They add if people do decide to have a campfire this long weekend, ensure the proper safety measures are observed. 

“You must ensure that you always have at least eight litres of water, or a hand tool with you while the campfire is lit,” they say. “Before leaving your fire, you must put it out so that it is cool to the touch. 

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“Those who wish to have a campfire must ensure it’s no larger than a metre wide by half a metre in size.” 

Fire regulations differ across the Sunshine Coast and the SCRD says each region is to be treated differently, and residents should know their local bylaws before deciding to light up. 

“In Elphinstone and West Howe Sound campfires are allowed year-round but may be banned by the fire chief during high-risk periods,” they say. “The Town of Gibsons doesn’t allow campfires at any time.” 

For more information about the burning ban, visit the BC Wildfire Service’s website, and to find out what jurisdiction you live in visit the SCRD webpage. 

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