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Proposed bill aims to bring stability to natural health products

A Conservative MP is hoping a proposed bill can bring back stability to the natural health product industry.

Blaine Calkins, the MP for Red Deer-Lacombe, Alberta, introduced Bill C-368 on Dec. 5 to reverse changes to the Food and Drug Act introduced by Bill C-47.

Speaking on Vancouver Island, Calkins says the bill had several clauses that changed the definition and law in terms of Health Canada regulating and managing natural health products.

“That also gives them regulatory authority to change regulations governing natural health products and it increased fines massively for non-compliants,” said Calkins.

“Products like Vitamin C, protein powders, and essential oils are not the same thing as a therapeutic drug that you would get a prescription for. The pharmacy industry has a lot of money to go through regulatory processes, do clinical trials whereas natural health product industry, while they do their own research, it is based on traditional knowledge.”

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Calkins says through this bill, he seeks to undo these changes and return to the status quo before C-47 passes.

Island NDP MP Gord Johns says they are supporting the bill at second reading.

“It’s to ensure that it is thoroughly reviewed at the committee stage, to ensure that the government’s changes are scrutinized by parliament, and that stakeholders are consulted, and necessary amendments are made,” said Johns.

“We need to make sure we protect the natural health products industry and Canadians.”

Johns says it is important that it is being done properly and looks forward to the debate and witness testimonies at the committee stage.

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