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shíshálh Nation releases public concerns regarding Dock Management Plan

Dock design flexibility, ensuring access to private property and marine health are all concerns highlighted for proposed amendments to the shíshálh Nation Dock Management Plan.

The Pender Harbour Dock Management Plan was implemented on April 4, 2018, between the B.C. government and the Nation. It defines dock design and construction requirements along with three zones where additional restrictions apply.

They add it takes into account environmental and archaeological values in the area.

Public concerns come after an engagement period between Nov. 24, 2023, and Feb. 16, 2024, for proposed amendments to the plan.

Concerns identified by the public engagement also include the plan not supporting existing private boathouses, dock impacts in freshwater environments and potential economic impacts like private property and business value.

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The province and Nation add there remained strong support for respectful and considerate relationships for the future, additional forms of protection and restoration of environmental resources and an interest in understanding more about the impacts of existing moorage structures.

They thank those who “took the time to contribute thoughtful, respectful and meaningful comments on the proposed changes.”

“People care deeply for our coast and together our commitment is to support the long-term health of coastal communities, promote resilient ecosystems, ensure the viability of marine industries and local businesses, support people’s ability to enjoy their properties and docks and conserve archaeological sites and cultural practices,” said Ihe hiwus Lenora Joe and water, land and resource stewardship minister Nathan Cullen.

A link to the full report can be found here. 

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