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Police quickly solve unusually ‘hairy’ missing persons case

Police in Nanaimo were able to solve a missing persons case this week by putting their animal-wrangling skills to the test.

On Tuesday night, at around 2 am, Chewy the alpaca decided to jump the fence of a South Wellington property to go exploring. Police responded quickly and found Chewy on Highway 1 “checking out the lights and sounds and seeming to enjoy himself.”

While it may have been fun for him, police were concerned for Chewy’s safety and well-being.

Officers used their vehicles to gently guide the alpaca home and around 3 am he was reunited with his worried owner.

The owner figures something must have started Chewy, prompting him to jump the fence and go for a walk.

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“All in all, with a little creativity, the incident was successfully dealt with and the officers now have a good story to share with their work mates,” said Const. Gary O’Brien with Nanaimo RCMP.

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