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“Forests are places of beauty:” Minister of Forests issues statement for National Forest Week

After the worst wildfire season in BC’s history, the Forests Minister says looking after the woods is more important than ever.

In a statement for National Forest Week, Minister Bruce Ralston pays respects to the firefighters who lost their lives this summer fighting wildfires. He says with fires and drought still affecting many in the province, we will feel the impacts for years.

“The loss of wood will challenge our forestry industry and the loss of homes and lives is etched on our hearts,” said Ralston.

“It is what we do now to respond to this year that will determine the legacy we hand down to our children and grandchildren.”

He praised everyone involved in firefighting efforts, including First Nations, ranchers, and forestry companies.

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Some initiatives that could help prevent fires in the future include protecting old-growth forests, doubling wildfire prevention, and strengthening forest management, according to Ralston.

Ralston hopes by focusing on forest health, residents would be able to withstand the effects of climate change moving forward.

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