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Pierre Poilievre tours Vancouver Island, targeting affordability

Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre says he wants to make things more affordable after touring Vancouver Island.

Poilievre went through multiple Vancouver Island communities on Tuesday, from Ladysmith to Campbell River.

Speaking to media, he says residents and workers communicated that everything is costing more, and they want a change. He says his goals are to bring lower costs to things like food and gasoline.

He adds he plans to do that by taking aim at some taxes currently in place.

“Axe the carbon tax. The NDP-Liberal carbon tax raises the price for the farmers who make the food and the truckers who ship the food, and that raises the prices for those who buy the food,” said Poilievre.

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Poilievre also feels that cutting the carbon tax and lowering the price of gas will help drop inflation. However, he adds that removing the carbon tax will not be enough to drop the price of groceries and other amenities for who he says are the “working class.”

“I would lower income tax to reward hard work and allow people more disposable income for food and mortgage payments,” he added. “We’ll have a costed platform with highly specific tax cuts that grow the pay checks of hardworking people who build apartment complexes or dig mines or harvest forestry.”

Poilievre adds that changes would be made to accommodate green technology and lower the cost to create it. That will include faster permits and incentives for more hydro, nuclear, and carbon capture to reduce emissions.

Poilievre finished his tour on the Island with a rally in Black Creek.

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