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Parksville-Qualicum MLA survives prancing by deer 

The MLA for Parksville-Qualicum is thankful his injuries weren’t more severe after he saved his dog who was being attacked by a deer.  

Adam Walker says the day was anything but ordinary after he helped an angry buck that was stuck in a tree for what appeared to be a generous amount of time. 

“I hopped out of the car and into the tree to untangle some of the branches,” Walker says. “I released him, but the buck wasn’t in a great state of mind.  

“I assume he was stuck there all night, but everything appeared to be fine after that.” 

Walker says he was on his way home when he got the shock of his life to notice the buck had returned, but this time with a vengeance.  

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“I arrived home to find the same buck had pinned my dog down to the gravel in the driveway,” he says. “The deer attacked my dog repeatedly with his antlers. 

“I grabbed the buck by the antlers, but the deer was still looking for a fight.” 

Walker says he fought off the deer as best he could while sustaining minimal injuries to his leg in the attack. 

“The attack lasted 20 minutes before I was able to disentangle myself from the situation,” he says. “I figured the attack was over, but when I let go the deer charged me, puncturing my thigh with one of its antlers.” 

Walker says conservation officers followed up with him and put effort into locating the deer with little success, but he says despite the efforts he is sure the deer will relax and move on with its life.  

Walker says he would like to thank the staff at the Oceanside Health Center for their prompt care.  

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