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Today I presented the Wildest! Hahaa
The Lazuli Bunting (photo credit to Hannah Huckleberry)
Image Captured By Hannah Huckleberry
The Lazuli Bunting has to be one of the most beautifully coloured birds in our region and I have never seen one! Looks like an exotic bird that has gotten out! This bunting is a small finch size, a stocky song bird with a slightly forked tail. The one pictured is a breeding male and they sport the brilliant blue head, with a pumpkin coloured breast and white belly.
Image Captured by Hannah Huckleberry
Females are much more bland, but do have a blue tinge to their wings. These birds spend most of their time on the forest floor or low branches hunting for nuts and seeds or insects. This bird lives all the way from southern Canada to Northern Texas.
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