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Heat Wave Expected for the Weekend

The weather this weekend will feature unusually hot weather for mid-May.

Meteorologist Bobby Sekhon at Environment and Climate Change Canada says a very strong ridge of high pressure will make Saturday and Sunday about 10 degrees hotter than usual.
He says it’s unusual for temperatures to already be getting into the high 20s, even close to the water.
Sekhon says it’s “definately something exceptional for this time of year.”
Temperatures as high as 27 degrees Celsius are forecast for Sunday on eastern Vancouver Island, with the mercury reaching 29 degrees Celsius in Sechelt and Powell River on the Sunshine Coast.
For northern Vancouver Island, temperatures will be cooler, but still above normal.

Sekon suggests that people use sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and find some shade to avoid being out the mid-day sun if possible.

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