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Fake bail bondsman bails with Nanaimoer money in Grandson Scam

RCMP are warning of grandson scams as reports come in of ‘bail bondsmen’ trying to take advantage of Nanaimo residents. 

 The new ‘Grandson Scam’ involves victims being called by an individual who claims to be a loved one, claiming they were involved in a motor vehicle accident (sometimes describing hitting a pregnant woman or pedestrian). The caller may then say that their lawyer or a police officer needs to speak with the victim, and that a bail bond is required. 

 They are asked by the fake lawyer or police officer to mail money to an address in Quebec or Ontario. Or, they must pay a bail bondsman directly. It will usually end with the victim losing around $3000 to $7000 dollars. 

 “This scam has been around for years but every so often another layer or twist is added to it. In the latest version, it’s the bail bondsman. Regardless of what you are told, if you receive a phone call that sounds anything like this, it’s a scam. Do not engage with them and hang up the phone. Afterwards, be sure to tell your friends and family about the call so they do not fall for it”, said Reserve Constable Gary O’Brien Nanaimo RCMP. 

 On April 19th, two incidents were reported of a man showing up to Nanaimo addresses to collect money. The suspect was of average build, slim build, wearing a dark COVID style mask, afro styled hair and wearing a dark hoodie. He is described as dark skinned with possibly a Middle Eastern accent. In both cases, the victim was on the phone with the “lawyer” when the suspect arrived at the home to collect the money. 

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 If someone shows up at your door claiming to be bail bondsman, do not let them inside, and RCMP ask you call them immediately. 

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