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RCMP asking for more caution from drivers and riders as motorcycle season approaches

The RCMP’s BC Highway Patrol is asking motorists to use more caution as the seasons change and motorcycles come back out on the roadways.

According to the RCMP, while motorcycles only make up over three per cent of vehicles on B.C. roads, they make up around 10 per cent of total roadway fatalities. On average, 40 riders are killed in over 2,000 crashes every year according to statistics from ICBC.

As motorcycle season approaches, police are reminding riders to ensure they are wearing Snell, ECE or DOT compliant helmets and ensure they are seated correctly with feet on pegs or floorboards.

They say if this is not done, it will be treated as stunt riding and could result in an impound and fines.

Police are also asking riders to ensure their bikes are in good working condition, noise levels are not above 89 dB, wear visible protective gear and be extra aware at intersections.

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“As a police officer, a professional motorcycle rider and one who rides personally, I know all too well the dangers motorcyclists face on a daily basis,” said ‘E’ Division lead motorcycle instructor Sgt. Bryan Fedirchuk.

“I urge all motorcycle operators to take training, heed the rules of the road and ride defensively – your safety depends on you.”

RCMP are also asking drivers to take extra caution at intersections and look for motorcycles, especially when turning left. They add motorcyclists should be given three or four seconds of space and lots of room if you have to pass.

Police ask both drivers and motorcyclists to be extra alert, respect speed limits and adjust speed for the conditions when needed.

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