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Low Temperatures Increase Risk of Slippery Conditions and Accidents

The cold weather expected this weekend is prompting a warning to be care and cautious while driving.

Starting tonight, temperatures will dip to 5 to 10 degrees below normal.

Trace Acres of the Shift into Winter campaign says colder temperatures are a test for drivers on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

According to Acres, “the critical zone for driving safety in cold weather falls between 5 degrees Celsius to minus-5 degrees Celsius,” and he warns drivers to check the temperature before heading out.

Cold increases the risks for all drivers, regardless of experience and icy conditions make it harder to steer and stop.

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For people who drive as part of their work, that may be the most dangerous part of their job.

Whether they drive full time, part time, or only occasionally, work-related crashes are the leading cause of traumatic workplace deaths in the province throughout the year.

The weather forecast calls for temperatures to gradually rise beginning early next week.

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