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New climate change program launches for Nanaimo & Nanaimo district

A new climate change program launches today to help residents who want to reduce their impact on nature.

The Acting for Climate Together (ACT) initiative hopes to attract people who seek to make a positive environmental impact in the region.

“Responding effectively to climate change requires the participation of many — including residents, community groups, businesses, institutions and all levels of government,” says Mayor Leonard Krog. “Through Acting for Climate Together, our collective actions will have a greater impact on reaching community emission targets and building climate resilience.”

ACT participants will develop innovative climate action projects alongside staff. Participants and groups who complete tasks are promised prizes and award recognition with each earned ‘climate action badge’.

Badges include transportation, food and waste, buildings and energy, nature and climate knowledge. Groups can also do a project-based action to earn a Big Action badge. 

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“Acting for Climate Together is an exciting opportunity to directly engage residents in meaningful environmental action,” says Regional District of Nanaimo Chair Vanessa Craig. “We look forward to seeing the collaborative, community-led projects that will help us reach our climate action goals while contributing to a livable region for all.”

Groups able to join include; neighborhood associations or block watch groups, community groups (such as environmental or streamkeeper groups), recreational organizations, clubs and sports teams, nonprofits and service organizations, religious groups, school, university and college classes, groups or clubs, or a group of your own making.

Businesses are also encouraged to participate in the program.

Applications for ACT will be accepted until February 10th at 4pm. 

More information and an application form is available here.

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