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MADD Canada urges people to get home safe as New Year approaches

As we get ready for 2023, MADD Canada is urging people to plan a safe ride home after celebrations.

Jaymie-Lyne Hancock, MADD Canada national president says that if you are consuming alcohol, cannabis, or other drugs while celebrating New Year’s, getting a safe ride home should be in your plans.

“Happy New Year to everyone, and all the best in 2023,” said Hancock, “However, if you are celebrating New Year’s and if alcohol, cannabis or other drugs are being consumed, please plan ahead for a sober ride home.

“We can all help keep our roads, communities and one another safe.”

With hundreds of Canadians killed and tens of thousands injured in substance-related crashes every year, MADD says that everyone can do their part to prevent these tragedies on New Year’s Eve and all year long.

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They also created a guide for both party hosts and party-goers. Those attending parties are advised to book an Uber, take a cab, public transport, arrange a designated driver, or plan on spending the night at the host’s house.

Party hosts should have lots of food and no alcohol or low alcohol available, according to MADD.

They add you should monitor how much alcohol and cannabis guests consume, know how they are going to get home, have other forms of transportation available, and let already intoxicated guests spend the night at your house.

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