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This is the showiest and most beautiful flower in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.  It is the state flower of Washington, despite it having a very short blooming season, typically sometime between late April to early June, depending on the season.  Blooms are vibrant pink and incredibly eye catching under the forest canopy.

Photo Captured by Vista Staff

There are over 1200 different Rhododendrons in the world, 30 native to North America and 5 native to the Pacific Northwest.  This rhododendron pictured is the most northern naturally occurring Pacific Rhododendron, yet discovered, in the world.  It has a very secret hiding spot on the Sunshine Coast.  #Ifyaknowyaknow

Photo Captured by Sunshine Coast Community Forests Staff

These bushes grow much better in the shade than in the sun, and can grow to 24 feet high, growing in fairly dry open forests, or sometimes along roadsides.

Discovered and named by Archibald Menzies who was the botanist aboard Captain George Vancouver’s ship when they visited the Pacific Northwest.

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