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Pacific Chorus Frog

The Pacific Chorus Frog, also known as the Pacific Treefrog is arugably the most abundant amphibian on the west coast of North America, covering territory from BC to Baja California, north/south and from the Pacific inland to Montana and Nevada.  Very adaptable as they can be found at sea level all the way up to 10,000 feet.  You have likely heard these frogs call around here.

In looks, they have a dark stripe that extends from their nostril through their eye and have toe pads.  Males and Females can be distinguished by the color of their throat.  Females have a very white throat, while males have a more dark brown or yellow throat.  Colorization across the species can vary wildly, from brown to green to a reddish color, and it is linked to their environment more than their genetics.

Breeding season can last for months and that is when we hear the “chorus” take over as the males sing for their girls.  They mak that “KREEK-EEEEK” kind of sound.

Interestingly Pacific Chorus Frogs often hit the news around Christmas time as Christmas Trees from Oregon often get transported all over north america and these little buggers will often hitchhike across the continent! Even being found in Alaska! hahah how funny is that!?


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