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Little-to-no-rain continues to impact Sunshine Coast water supply

The forecast is looking dry and sunny, especially compared to previous years on the Sunshine Coast.

As October continues to see no rain in the forecast, over 150 mm of rain is now required to completely recharge the Chapman Watershed— which much of the Sunshine Coast Regional District relies on for daily use.

The SCRD is in discussion with the Provincial and Federal Governments around environmental flow needs regarding Chapman Lake, as they release roughly 1.7 times more water for environmental flow needs than for human consumption.

The SCRD says a reduction would allow more water to be used for human consumption, and would allow the water supply to be extended.

Three siphons were installed at Edwards Lake last week, bringing 230 litres of water per second. However, as Edwards Lake is draining quickly, the SCRD says it’s “determining whether moving the siphons will extend water supply further.”

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Additionally, the Town of Gibsons is providing the SCRD with  one-million litres of water per day. The SCRD is determining this week what it would take to also bring Trout Lake in to supplement water supply. 

The SCRD is aiming for 9.5 million liters per day of community use. Over the weekend, use dropped below 10 million liters. More information on conserving water is available here. 64 warnings and 10 fines have been issued to people not following conservation rules, and letters to businesses identified as high water users were sent out last week. 

The district has received questions about the Church Road Well Field project. It has taken a while due to construction delays and supply chain issues.

“The SCRD is however looking at potential ways that water supply may be taken from the Church Road Well Field with the use of a generator and some alternative plumbing in the Church Road Water Treatment Plant. It is anticipated that an update on this will be available next week,” writes the district.

Additionally, it’s anticipated that the water meter program will begin with installations in early 2023.

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