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Sechelt Mayoral Candidate: Allan Holt

With the next set of municipal elections just around the corner, we in the Coast FM newsroom had a conversation with each of the upcoming mayoral candidates.

Today we profile Sechelt candidate, Allan Holt. Holt ran for mayor in 2018, finishing in third place of three candidates, with 11% of the vote. Each of Sechelt’s four candidates were asked the same 6 questions

Q1: On a personal level, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

We’ve been here over 28 years, my wife and I. I have been successful in multiple businesses on the coast including eight years of publishing of for the Canadian Armed Forces. I’ve been involved in local hockey, softball, and numerous businesses involving the youth in the community.

Q2: What makes you qualified to be mayor?

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Having been successful in business, and probably above and beyond everything else. I like to think I have common sense.

Q3: What are you most proud of from your professional life?

Probably running three businesses in Chilliwack. I had a theatre, a publishing company, and a country and western bar. They are all pretty different, but they all fit in because of the timeslots.

Q4: Do you have any regrets in your professional life?

Absolutely not.

Q5: What do you think is the biggest issue in this election?

Water, water, and water. You can’t talk about anything else until you talk about water. Everybody wants to talk about development and taxes, they’re all tied to water. When I ran four years ago, I ran on water. And the incumbents said they knew where the water was and where to get it. How’s that going for us? So they only need four more years and they’ll solve the water problem. That’s my biggest issue. We live in a rainforest. We don’t have a water shortage problem, we have a water storage problem. We have a mismanagement problem in water.

Q6: Is there anything you wanted to add?

My signs say water and taxes. I will freeze the taxes. Our taxes are outrageous up here for the services we get. They’re outrageous. So I would freeze the taxes to begin with, until I can find out where the money is going.

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