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Non-profit makes cookies to help Nanaimo kids play football

A nonprofit in Nanaimo is baking cookies and other treats to raise money for kids who want to play football.

Football Nanaimo began raising money for new gear September 13th, and Fundraising Manager Natalie Brown says they have over 100 kids waiting for it.

“We keep our costs low to keep as many kids playing the sport as possible,” says Brown. “We currently have 180 enrolled and it costs over $800 to get every kid fitted in gear. It requires a lot of fundraising from our volunteers to make it effective.”

Over 300 kids have registered over the course of the spring and fall season.

“Our seasons cost just under $200, and that includes all the gear. Our players just bring their own cleats. Gearing up each athlete, and everything that goes into pulling off a football season, is very expensive. Fundraising and community business sponsorships make our season possible. We are so grateful to our community for their support.”

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Sponsorships just opened at the non-profit but their main program— Mom’s Pantry— also draws in a lot of money to the program. It offers things like cookies, garlic spread, muffins, and cinnamon buns.

“I think it’s a really great product to be able to have on the go,” says Brown. “With being so busy— as a sports mom— on a rainy day, it is really amazing to walk into the house and then twenty minutes [later] have a full set of muffins or cookies. So I do feel the product is really great, anything that helps nurture kids when you’re on the go is always a good thing.”

Fundraising will end October 2nd. Cookies and muffins will be distributed starting October 18th by the young athletes who’ve volunteered.

“If the kids are really involved they go around and they work really, really, really hard to sell,” states Brown. “Then on top of that there is the night that they come to the club house and they collect all of the product that they sold and they deliver it. It’s a really amazing experience for all of our kids because they put in a lot of hard work to do it, and I know that the people that support us really love to see the kids run up the driveway in their gear and bringing the orders that they’ve done. It’s really an awesome experience to be a part of.”

The tackle football season runs in the spring and fall, aimed at youth aged 8 to 15.

More information on donating or becoming a sponsor is available on the organization’s website.

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