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Alzheimer’s Society Expects Dementia Patients to Triple by 2050

Care givers and health workers in BC can expect to be dealing with nearly a quarter of a Million people suffering from dementia in less than three decades.

The Alzheimer’s Society of Canada says there are 85,800 sufferers in BC at this time, but it will reach an estimate 247,300 by 2050.

BC is expected to see “one of the most dramatic increases” in people living with the disease over the next 30 years.

Alzheimer Society of BC CEO Jen Lyle says supports are needed to mitigate the impact and ensure people affected by dementia won’t face it alone.

The Society wants people to know that dementia is not a normal process of aging and that additional research is needed.

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Individuals and institutions can take steps to reduce the risks of dementia and governments should be providing funds for research and programs that help people living with dementia and their caregivers to have the best possible quality of life.

In BC, it’s estimated more than 50,000 family, friends and neighbours provide support.

That’s forecast to be nearly 145,000 people in the province who will be assisting someone with dementia in some manner by 2050.

The Alzheimer’s Society says that deferring the onset of dementia by five years, would see the number of individuals living with the disease in BC in 2050 drop from an estimated 247,300 to 145,500.

If the onset of dementia can be reduced by 10 years, the estimated number of persons living with it in British Columbia would decrease to 76,400.

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