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SCRD’s Coopers Green Hall still in limbo

HALFMOON BAY, B.C. – A plan to put a replacement hall in Coopers Green Park is still in development by the Sunshine Coast Regional District.

Technical work has included completing a detailed survey of the site and surrounding area, conducting design work to meet energy efficiency standards, and geotechnical work to confirm design guidance provided during the preliminary site investigation. 

The project has been stuck due to flood hazard assessments, new understandings of climate change, and ‘perception of hazard by Registered Professionals.’ The proposed site of the hall is in danger of flooding through extreme weather events and sea level rise, which has caused the regional district to look for various ways to mitigate the risks.

In order to mitigate oceanic flooding, the building design would need to be significantly altered. Including raising the hall above the current design elevation by around 1.5 meters. The current design of the building would need to be significantly altered and would likely add a considerable cost to the $4.5 million budget for the project. 

While it’s possible to not go ahead with that recommendation, it would require additional construction elements, such as a more robust seawall.  It would also potentially expose the SCRD to future liability and insurance complications.

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The regional district plans to reach out for community opinion about the hall, which has been planned since 2017. Potential options include moving the hall to somewhere else in Halfmoon Bay. 

The district will host a meeting regarding it, with the agenda available here.

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