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Karen Phytoplankton – Inspired by his Family, Created for yours

Karen Phytoplankton – Inspired by his Family, Created for yours

Karen Hunter lived a life caring about others – that’s why her son, Dave Hunter, named his business after her. Karen Phytoplankton was a long time in the works for Dave.

After working several professions including cutting shingles on Vancouver Island, pulling wrenches as a mechanic, and founding a bottled water company, Dave was looking for a new challenge.

While attending a trade-show Dave was introduced to a billion year old plant – marine phytoplankton. Dave learned that phytoplankton grows when the earth’s oceans absorb sunlight and create a “garden” of phytoplankton blooms that are the nutrition source for all life on the planet. For example, fish are not the source for omega-3 fatty oils, the phytoplankton at the bottom of the food chain is! Phytoplankton is so essential to the planet that NASA has said our planet could not survive without it. Phytoplankton not only provides the base nutrition to the food chain, but it recycles 60% of the earth’s carbon dioxide into clean oxygen – more than all the rainforests combined!

Dave was shocked to learn this microscopic plant was so important! At the time, phytoplankton was used to help keep fish tanks full of oxygen and nutrition, but Dave wondered what would happen if he ate a scoop of the phytoplankton, going straight to the source for nutrition.

This led to a profound discovery when the next day Dave noticed personal health
improvements. Experimenting more, Dave continued to eat the phytoplankton daily and
continued to see his health improve. He felt sharing this discovery with Canadians was
his new life mission.

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What followed was the beginning of an almost 20-year journey. Dave first moved his
young family to a small town in New Brunswick called Sackville, where he could focus on
building his phytoplankton business. After years of working with the top
phytoplankton growers in the world and Health Canada, Dave decided to name his marine
phytoplankton supplement after his late mom, Karen. It was an overnight success and
quickly grew to become a national brand for good health.

Thousands of Canadians have now fallen in love with Karen Phytoplankton. It’s not just nutritious, it is nutrition. Many of daily discomforts we experience are the result of malnourishment: If you crash in the afternoon, have digestive issues, regularly have headaches, trouble sleeping, joint or muscle pain, trouble concentrating or more – it may just be your body experiencing a lack of one of the essential vitamins or minerals we call nutrition. Earth’s original source of nutrition, Karen Phytoplankton is now available at the island’s Costco’s, Shoppers, Rexall’s and online at www.thekarenproject.ca.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/karenphytoplankton/


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