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Winter Tires are Still Needed on Many Routes in BC

Regardless of what the groundhog says, winter tires are still needed on many routes in BC.

So says the Shift into Winter Campaign from The Winter Driving Safety Alliance.

The Alliance is made up of 22 public and private organizations, who are now in their 13th year of reminding BCers of the importance of winter tires. The list includes the Government of BC, ICBC, BCAA, Mainroad, and more, with this campaign managed by Road Safety at Work.

Spokesperson Louise Yako says winter tires provide better traction and stopping performance below 7-degrees and on wet, snowy, and icy roads

Yako says traction may be the difference between safely driving on roads and being involved in a serious crash.

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“For example, if you’re driving on a set of all-season M + S (Mud + Snow) tires on a rain-covered road at 80 km/h, you’ll need twice the distance to stop than you would when driving at 50 km/h,” says Yako. “You need even longer stopping distances for snow- and ice-covered roads.”

Some tips from the Shift into Winter Campaign:

  • Check DriveBC.ca for updated road and weather conditions before leaving.
  • If you can, avoid driving when road and weather conditions are poor. If you have no choice, make sure you and your vehicle are well prepared.
  • Winter tires should be matched with the three-peaked mountain/snowflake logo.
  • Keep an emergency kit for winter driving in the vehicle.
  • Mentally prepare yourself before driving by knowing how to drive for the conditions.
  • If you drive for work: Follow safe work procedures and report any unsafe conditions to your supervisor.
  • If you’re an employer with commercial vehicles: make sure that drivers know how to use chains and when to carry them.

BC’s Minister of Labour, Harry Bains says, “Driving is a key part of many jobs in B.C. and everyone deserves to return home safe at the end of the day. Whether your travel is for work or pleasure, these important Shift into Winter tips will help keep you and other drivers safe on the road.”

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