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Drivers reminded to brush snow off top of cars

Though there may have been a big storm, drivers still need to spend some time brushing the snow off the top of their cars.

So says the Nanaimo RCMP, as they look for what they like to refer to as “rolling snow forts.” Officers said they’ve seen vehicles with snow on their roofs that, if came off while on the roadway, would cause a significant distraction to drivers. It could also threaten the safety of all others on and off the roadway. 

“The Officers of the Nanaimo Municipal Traffic Unit patrol the streets and highways in all weather conditions, looking to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians. The interaction they have had with motorists during the recent snow fall, is an example of their dedication to public safety as well as road safety education,” said Constable Gary O’Brien.

The snow atop cars is considered an insecure load under the Motor Vehicle Act, however, Nanaimo police state they are treating the interactions as an educational experience.

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