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Recycling-oriented and documentary art projects planned for Nanaimo

Come 2022, Nanaimo will have two new public art projects, one that’ll be using recycled materials and one that will be up on a big screen.

In Deverill Square Park, brand new bronze windchimes cast out of recycled plastic will be installed. 

“The process of creating the work will invite community participation in activities leading up to the fabrication and installation of the work. Once on view, the chimes can be activated as an interactive sound sculpture,” states Love Arts Nanaimo’s newsletter.

The artist, Jesse Gray, has a history of creating bronze and various other displays for locals to enjoy.

Over at Bowen Park, the Millstone River will be seeing the limelight as a special documentary named ‘Millstone’ (still a working title) documents the river.

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It’ll take a year to create, and filming will start in 2022.

The artist, Curtis Grahauer, will be showing off the work at a film screening at the Bowen Park Amphitheatre once it’s complete. No date is currently announced for the screening.

The projects are part of Nanaimo’s Temporary Public Art Program, and were chosen as finalists.

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