In an effort to ‘increase the attractiveness of the streetscape’ new artistic vinyl wrappings have been put around Sechelt utility boxes.

Ranging from bees to bears, down to huge octopi in the sea, the three local artists who worked on the wraps showcased colorful illustrations.

Lydia Avsec was responsible for a traffic signal box located in Acacia Park— Wharf Avenue’s side— covered in multi-colored bees near a bear wandering through tall grass. It was titled “Bears and Bees.”

“We Need More Arms,” a piece by Lissa Nunweiler, involved a large octopus wrapping its tentacles around the length of the box. Just outside municipal hall, on Cowrie St, she says she drew inspiration from the large octopi in the Salish Sea.

Chelsea Rosium wanted to “spread joy and add sparkle to your day” by adding pictures of children playing while sunshine sparkles off the ocean water with her piece of “Sparkly Joy.” It is located by the Snickett Park beach access trail on Shorncliffe Avenue.

The city states that utility boxes are ordinarily prone to ‘unwanted tagging and graffiti’ and the artistic wraps cover them up.