The City of Nanaimo is hoping to incentivize more bikers to take a trip around the city this week.

Fall’s ‘Go By Bike’ scavenger hunt, spanning from Long Lake to Harewood Centennial Park, challenged riders to ‘visit as many of the places on the map as they can for a chance to win local prizes!’

The ‘Pedal to Places Challenge’ started on September 27th, and has riders collecting codewords at every place a ‘pin’ is placed— some having QR codes with more information attached.

Riders would then email their codewords to [email protected] on October 10th before the end of the day, with more code words increasing their chance to win either the grand prize of $200 to the winner’s favorite bike shop or $50 gift cards to other bike shops.

This week is also host to ‘Pack n Pedal,’ which asked residents to take pictures of things they pack on their bike, whether that be ‘groceries, work supplies, recyclables,’ or  ‘kids.’

Anyone who participates by sending their pictures to the Pack and Pedal facebook page is entered into a draw to win a $50 security lock.

Both of the events will be ending on Sunday.