For certain Sunshine Coast ferry-goers, Saver fare discounts have been extended.

For those going from Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay to the Sunshine Coast’s Langdale on standard underheight or overheight vehicles, select sailings after 9pm will be discounted. 

“Customers can sail for $39,” stated BC Ferries, “including round trip fare for one standard underheight or overheight vehicle and driver, and a free one-way reservation departing Horseshoe Bay.”

Additional passengers are $10 per adult and $5 per child.

“Saver fares are designed to encourage customers to take advantage of less busy sailings,” stated the service, “freeing up space at more popular sailing times. Not only does this promotion offer customers with flexibility in their travel plans an opportunity to save, it will also help to spread vehicle traffic throughout the day, reducing sailing waits for all customers.”

The offer extends until January 5th.