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Ferries announces return of fuel surcharges

Ferry prices are going up. BC Ferries has announced a new 3.5 per cent fuel surcharge, that will kick in on most of its routes January 17th.

Last last fuel surcharge came in 2012, and Deborah Marshall of BC Ferries says the rising cost of fuel has forced their hand again, explaining that the price-point set by the Ferry Commissioner is 95.2 cents/litre and in November prices for marine diesel hit a high of $1.09/litre.

The fuel surcharges will mean ticket prices on the Langdale – Horseshoe Bay are going up 50 cents for passengers at $1.70 for vehicles.  They’ll go up 50 cents and a dollar-seventy-five on the Departure Bay – Horseshoe Bay route.  The increase will be 45 cents and $1.65 for Earls Cove – Saltery Bay.

You can see a full table showing the prices changes on every route in the system here.

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