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Sunshine Coast water conservation patrols and enforcement to begin

Neighborhood patrols to ensure that residents are following current water conservation regulations will be beginning again.

Sunshine Coast Regional District residents can face a $200 fine for using too much water.

“Over the course of the Summer months, the SCRD will be providing a lot of communication with residents on water conservation and we ask that you take the time to understand what the regulations are for each of the stages,” says Remko Rosenboom, General Manager of Infrastructure Services. “If there is evidence that water regulations are not being followed, we will investigate and issue fines.”

Water restrictions on the Sunshine Coast are currently at Stage 1, meaning that if a resident is caught not adhering to restrictions and guidelines, they’ll get a warning, and then a fine.

Costs increase as water conservation stages progress. The minimum fine is Stage 1 is $200, while the maximum is Stage 4 at $500.

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The district says guidelines ‘only apply to the use of treated drinking water, not to the use of rainwater, private well water or any forms of recycled water’.

More information about water conservation is available here. A map of areas affected by the restrictions is available here.

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