The Cranberry Volunteer Fire Department is going to be using the Great Trail Parking lot for the Superior Tanker Shuttle Challenge on June 5th. 

They’ll be doing the challenge from 8am to 11am.

The department said that the “purpose of the challenge is to become accredited as a superior tanker shuttle service”, which can “provide insurance benefits to property owners within the recognition area” if they’re successful.

“This is our first attempt to pass the Superior Tanker Shuttle accreditation,” said CVFD Fire Chief Ron Guelette. “Using the Great Trail parking lot as the mock fire site will enable us to test and document our capacity to sustain water at 200 gal/min for up to two hours by shuttling water from the three designated water supplies to the site.”  

The three designated water supplies are the Nanaimo Airport, Cranberry Fire Hall, and a site on Fry Road, but it’s not specified if residents need to avoid them.