Nanaimo schools are at their capacities, are behind in maintenance, and don’t all meet the new building standards for earthquake safety. 

The school district has released its long-term plan to address these and other issues. 

The plan says NDSS is at the end of its useful life, and needs upgrades immediately.

It projects that by the year 2030, the school will have over 1600 students, and Dover Bay will have 2200. If the projected growth occurs, the schools (not including portables) will be 25% over capacity by 2030. In some cases, that will be much higher; Chase River would be 94% over capacity, and Pleasant valley would be 81% over capacity. 

To meet the need, the district will likely need to open one or more new schools, and increase the capacity of many others. 

The document promises more inclusive school spaces, with continuous improvement in teaching and testing Nanaimo kids. 

The Board of Education says it has ambitious goals that include truth and reconciliation, and the environment. 

You can read the entire document here.