A 39-year-old Nanaimo man is in police custody on three drug-related charges.

On Sunday, Terrance Virus was carrying a black backpack and grey satchel in the Port Place Mall parking lot, when an officer spotted him and arrested him for two outstanding warrants.

After searching the bag and his clothing, police found nearly $21,000 cash, along with crystal meth (5.9 grams), crack/cocaine (13.5 grams), fentanyl (259 grams), and other drug paraphernalia.

The other items included digital scales, two smartphones, hundreds of zip lock baggies, and a knife.

“This is just another fine example of the exemplary work our front line officers do every day, keeping illegal drugs off our streets and holding drug traffickers accountable,” said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

Virus has been charged with three counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.