The Sunshine Coast Regional District wants to hear from residents about adding curbside recycling service to the garbage and food waste collection.

Residents in Halfmoon Bay (Area B), Roberts Creek (Area D), Elphinstone (Area E), and West Howe Sound (Area F) are asked to fill out a short questionnaire.

“The results of this questionnaire will be presented to the SCRD Board who will determine next steps,” said Robyn Cooper, Manager, Solid Waste Services. “Should the SCRD Board decide to proceed with this service, it is anticipated that a curbside recycling collection service could begin in 2022.”

In 2014, the SCRD’s waste composition study found that garbage consisted of 25 percent paper, plastic, and metal containers, all of which are recyclable.

“Recycling is important because it reduces the use of raw materials and saves valuable landfill space,” said Cooper.

Under its plan, the SCRD’s new service would be on alternate weeks than food waste and garbage collection, but there won’t be an opt-out option.

There is no maximum number of recycling bins, residents could use as many blue bins as needed.

The questionnaire is open until February 19, 2021. Paper copies are available by request at [email protected] or 604-885-6806.