An email to our newsroom indicates that singles and couples are taking full advantage of the BC COVID-19 Recovery Benefit.

Single British Columbians account for more than 54 percent of all applicants.

Almost 900,000 applications have been approved so far, but there are reports of many people still waiting.

Here’s a breakdown of who has been approved:

  • 46,529 single parents
  • 488,226 singles
  • 369,397 couples
  • The approval for couples represents 1,265,000 British Columbians

Agents are working through high call volumes, but once a person has been approved, money should be in their bank account in about five business days.

If you haven’t received your money five business days after approval, use the email below to inquire.

[email protected].

As of January 5th, $630 million is heading to 1.3 million British Columbians.