B.C Ferries is giving Sunshine Coast residents the opportunity to share their concerns and thoughts through a new survey.

It will be called ‘Moving Ahead Together on the Sunshine Coast’ and is aimed at developing a practical list of solutions B.C Ferries can implement in the short term with the assets we currently have. 

The company says it will be focusing conversations on topics and solutions that are within its control. This includes things like operational changes, changes to our reservation policies and processes, improving the way we communicate with our customers, etc.

BC Ferries says a few concerns it is already aware of include:

  • Sailing waits at popular times
  • Lack of available reservations
  • Reservation trading / selling / sharing
  • Concerns around travel certainty for residents
  • Concerns around medical travel needs
  • Concerns around capacity

The Survey is available to all Sunshine Coast residents but is tailored towards those who use the ferry on a regular basis. 

To submit your feedback, click here