Starting this fall, the Sunshine Coast Regional District will be introducing a weekly curbside food waste collection service.

The new program will be available on October 6th for homes in the service area already receiving garbage collection.

The SCRD says with the new food waste collection in place, garbage collection will move from weekly to biweekly.

The service will be available for those living in the SCRD Electoral Area B – Halfmoon Bay, Electoral Area D – Roberts Creek, Electoral Area E – Elphinstone, and Electoral Area F – West Howe Sound areas.

A 45-litre food waste bin (“Green Bin”) along with a curbside collection guide, a starter kit of paper kitchen container bags and a “what’s in” sticker will be provided to residences between September 14th and 30th.

“Residents just need to empty any food waste they have, such as plate scrapings, peelings, coffee grounds and paper towels into a kitchen container of their choice and then place them

into their new Green Bin to be put out for collection on collection day,” says Robyn Cooper, Manager of Solid Waste Services.

Food waste and food-soiled paper collected from the Green Bin program will be processed locally by Salish Soils into compost, a beneficial resource.

According to the district, food waste accounts for approximately 35 per cent of household garbage found in the Sechelt Landfill.

It says, diverting food waste and food-soiled paper from the landfill is one of the biggest opportunities to extend the life of the landfill which at our current rate of disposal, is scheduled to close early 2026.

“Under the SCRD’s refuse collection bylaw, the separation of food waste from garbage will be required by all residences in the service area, so there is no opt-out,” added Cooper.  

“Some residents may already be composting and we want them to continue to do so,” says Cooper. “However there may be materials that are accepted in the Green Bin that folks aren’t

currently composting at home, such as meat or fish.”

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