It may be a good weekend to bust out that board game and have a tournament.
A Pineapple Express, also known as an atmospheric river, is expected to pound coastal BC with a lot of rain, as 40 to 60 millimetres is expected to fall on the Sunshine Coast this weekend.
Environment Canada Meteorologist Bobby Sekhon said this weather system is coming from Hawaii.
“We have a Pineapple Express on the way and that’s going to come in Saturday morning,” said Sekhon. “That’s going to bring a lot of warm, heavy rain to the BC coast, though it will be the heaviest close to the central coast of Vancouver Island.”
“The stream of moisture is coming from the tropics and near Hawaii and that’s why we often hear the term ‘Pineapple Express,’ where we have a steady stream of moisture that comes into direct contact with the BC coast,” said Sekhon.
Sekhon said November is the wettest month of the year on the Sunshine Coast and in Nanaimo, as the average precipitation is 178 and 197 millimetres respectively.