It’s the time of year to again to think about getting a flu shot.

A health survey of people in BC found that nearly four in ten are rejecting the idea of getting a flu shot. The research was done by Insights West for London Drugs

The survey found that 32-percent of people also feel that if you’re healthy, you don’t need a flu shot.

The good news is that 77-percent of the people surveyed say they recognize the importance of receiving a vaccination against the flu virus.

London Drugs pharmacist Gianni Del Negro says there are misconceptions about the benefits and safety of the vaccine, but says a yearly flu shot is safe, and the most effective way to protect ourselves.

The flu vaccine can prevent you from being sick with the flu, but it also helps prevent you from infecting more vulnerable people around you.

Pharmacists are preparing for a difficult flu season. There’s a potential for vaccine delays this year. Also, a good indicator of the severity of the flu season here is found in Australia, which reported a large number of flu cases.