As students work through the first week of school Island Health has some tips for kids at school.

Vancouver Island Health Authority is calling those tips the A-B-C’s for a healthy start to the school year.

Medical Health Officer Dr. Paul Hasselback said there are a few major reasons for kids to miss school.

“The most common reasons why kids miss classes tend to be because they’ve been injured, they’ve come down with some sort of communicable disease and one of the more common things that occur, that affects their learning, is perhaps not eating quite so well and not getting enough sleep,” said Hasselback.

Island Health’s A-B-C’s are as follows:

Avoid spreading and catching germs, which means kids need to wash their hands thoroughly, Boost nutrition, meaning kids need to eat a good breakfast and create a safe environment.

Creating a safe environment means students need to assess and avoid unsafe situations, for example, cyclists need to wear a helmet while they are riding their bikes.