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Canada tops countries when it comes to welcoming foreign workers; ACORN says low-income families are struggling because of internet costs

Canada economic immigration system called a benchmark

Canada is one of the best countries when it comes to selecting and welcoming foreign workers. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development did an international review of Canada’s economic immigration system and called it a benchmark. There is room for improvement though, like recognizing more professional credentials from other countries.

 ACORN Canada was “digital equity” from federal government

A group is claiming low-income families in the country are suffering because of the high cost of internet. According to the CBC, ACORN Canada wants “digital equity” to be a federal priority. The group says the internet is an essential service, so the government is obligated to provide affordable, fast and reliable access for everyone in the country.

Protests shut down Hong Kong International Airport. 

No one is getting in or out of Hong Kong via its international airport. Flight check-in services have been cancelled for a second day because of anti-government protests. People are being advised to postpone any non-essential travel to or from the country. Hundreds of flights have been grounded so far.

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