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All Canadians will have personal information recorded at border crossings; National unity is not being threatened, according to Trudeau

Full-fledged Canadian Citizens will have person data recorded when crossing into U.S.

A boarder agreement means Canadians crossing into the U.S. will have personal information recorded. The program started in 2012 with just four borders gathering information from third country nationalists. It has expanded to all land entry ports shared between the two countries, collecting information from full Canadian and American citizens.

Justin Trudeau dispels conservatives claimes that unity of Canada at risk

Justin Trudeau said national unity isn’t being threatened despite what some conservative politicians claim. According to the Canadian Press, the Prime Minister made the statement while visiting the Trans Mountain Pipeline terminal in Edmonton. Trudeau approved the construction of the pipeline for a second time a month ago.

Canada warned about foreign interference and cyber-attacks

There are concerns that China and India could use their migrant communities in Canada to their advantage. The Canadian Press reported that the warning came in a secret document for ministers attending a national security threat retreat last year. The challenge of preventing hostile actions like cyber-attacks was also flagged.

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Conservative deputy leader wants investigation in McCallum’s comments to China

The conservatives continue to attack Canada’s former ambassador to China and are now looking for a CSIS investigation. The party’s deputy leader said John McCallum’s comments constituted threats to the security of Canada. The comments McCallum made were warning China that a continued trade war will help the conservatives in this Fall’s election.

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