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Kenney wants oil pipeline in Quebec; Scheer says former ambassador to China is inviting foreign interference for election

Alberta Premier wants Quebec to allow oil pipeline 

Quebec will be the center of attention on the last day of meetings between Canada’s Premiers in Saskatoon Thursday. The Canadian Press reported that Alberta leader Jason Kenney wanted to move oil through the province via a pipeline. Kenney said provinces receiving equalization payments, of which Quebec is receiving the most, should help develop resources to pay federal bills. Manitoba leader Brian Pallister is expected to raise his concerns over Quebec’s new law that bans government officials from wearing religious symbols. The premiers will also discuss cannabis, health care and Arctic sovereignty.

Scheer calls McCallum’s warning to China to lay off trade talks “reprehensible.”

The federal conservative leader is accusing the country’s former ambassador to China of tampering with this Fall’s election. Andrew Scheer says John McCallum’s warning to China to lay off future trade barriers because it could help the conservatives win was out of line. Scheer says the comments invited foreign interference.

Babies born to mothers who got flu vaccine experienced no health complications

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It turns out babies born to mothers who got the flu vaccine during pregnancy aren’t at a higher risk for health complications. CTV News reported that Canada and U.S. researchers studied the over 100,000 children born during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.  About a third were born to vaccinated mothers and had no signs of increased health risks in their first five years of life.

Louisiana declares state of emergency after hurricane watch issued amidst floods

New Orleans streets are already flooded and it looks like things could get a lot worse. The Associated Press reports that Louisiana has declared a state of emergency as a hurricane watch was issued. The National Hurricane Center says conditions are favourable for the storm to hit the state on Saturday.

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