PORT MELLON, B.C. – There may be an odour emanating from the Port Mellon pulp and paper plant over the next two weeks.

But there is nothing to fear.

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Corporation is doing the annual maintenance of its wood waste boiler from Saturday, July 6th to July 20th.

Over the 15 day period, the plant’s wood waste boiler will be shut down for maintenance.

The corporation notes that during the boiler shutdown, the low concentration on odours from its gases, which are normally incinerated, will be vented.

“While HSPP does not expect local air quality to exceed provincial odour limits, we have implemented additional procedures to monitor and react to continuous air quality measurements made at HSPP ambient air monitoring station in Langdale,” the corporation said in a notice.

The work involves annual shutdown to perform internal inspections, preventative and routine maintenance.

The corporation says that maintenance of the boiler is performed “to keep it clean, efficient and reliable, sustaining HSPP green power supply for all British Columbians through our connection on to the power grid.”

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Corporation’s market kraft mill in Port Mellon has an annual production capacity of 450,000 tonnes of pulp.

The company employs 390 people.