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Canadian military extending stay in Iraq; Twitter opts out of election advertising in Canada

Canadian soldiers will continue to train Iraqi military to fight terrorism

Canada is extending a NATO training mission in Iraq until late 2020. According to The Canadian Press, the federal government will continue to train the Iraqi military in an effort to fight terrorism in the region. There are over 800 Canadian soldiers in the Middle Eastern country in an effort to take down ISIL.

Twitter won’t allow ads geared towards political parties and candidates

Twitter won’t be allowing specific political ads leading up to Canada’s federal election this fall. New rules on advertisements start this weekend and the platform is opting out. Ads about political issues will still be allowed, just not ones for or against candidates or parties. Facebook, on the other hand, is opting in.

Men shouldn’t until after 50 to try to have kids, according to health group

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The chances for men successfully being a part of conception lower significantly after 51-years-old. That’s according to an article from CTV News, which cites a study from the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health. Investigators from the group studied 5,000 in vitro fertilization cycles. The organization says the results warrant a public message urging men not to wait to become fathers.

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